Friday/Saturday/Sunday, March 10th-12th, 2017


On Friday more work was done, then on Saturday we all worked hard to put the furniture back in place, and it looked so good on the new real flooring! All that had been here before was a dark subfloor. The floor now creates light and a feeling of “lightness”.


Still the hallways to do…but on the last leg of the project.


Then on Saturday afternoon, house-sitters came, and we were off to Carterton to visit with Will’s mother. Rainy, cloudy, sheep everywhere…gorgeous.


We stopped along the way in Greytown, at “Food Forest Organic”…a vegan cafe, organic food place (great treats!)  where we came across this life sized Moa (they could be up to 3.6 m…about 12 ft.!) , an extinct flightless indigenous bird.


Inside the cafe…sweet place, great treats.


At Eleanor’s property. Look at the size of those trees…


The evening included drumming, sitars, guitars, a truly unique time for us…a wonderful time and great food and hospitality, thanks to Eleanor.


On our return on Sunday, I was struck, as always when I’m here, by the bareness of the hills, all mostly cleared in order to graze animals, …


..and in such contrast to the areas, around gorges, of what the original landscape would have been like.

One response to “Friday/Saturday/Sunday, March 10th-12th, 2017

  1. Shirley Smith

    Thanks for sharing your trip with me 🙂


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