Wednesday, March 17th to Thursday, March 18th, 2017


Wednesday was still chilly..   the wood stove going, the rain falling, and “Trip”  caring less!


The cat, meanwhile, didn’t have as good as time. Jen laughed about being an animal sanctuary and here Astrid was “abusing” the cat. Her grin was tighter than her squeeze, and the cat kept staying with her though it could escape, especially as this grip released immediately into petting and purring!


On Thursday the weather was sunny!! and the kids, Jen and I went exploring on the property.


We went way up to the top and could see the neighbour’s white donkey and two miniature horses from there.


Along that property border, there is a long row of eucalyptus trees. Asa removed some of the beautifully peeling bark…with a plan in mind…

IMG_4085 (1)

To gather sticks, bark, long strands of grass, and make a tepee…”Trip” took a special interest in the sticks.


Astrid checked it out to give her seal of approval..


Then we all headed back…wonderful to have adventures available not far from outside the front door!

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