Tuesday, March 21st, 2017


Our last evening here. Frank worked all day until after dinner! I finished up curtains and did some gardening..And so it will end, this time living with this wildly energetic family. And just to end on a wild note, the kids told Will that they wanted to make a “circus”! This is where they started…with a tight rope.


And Asa’s face says it all…


The cat meanwhile was the ultimate in calm. No dog chasing her, no children chasing her, no neighbourhood cat chasing her, everyone outside!

The funny thing is, once the kids go down for the night, we four adults are whipped, energy-less, wanting only our beds! It’s an effort to perk up enough to engage with one another.  Strangely, this can happen even without young kids about. Once the day’s jobs are accomplished, you (or at least me) just feel like vegging…t.v., or a book..or Facebook..or knitting. At least with kids tucked into bed, you know this is now your first chance all day to do these things, (unlike our calm retired life back home)! So, no guilt here,  we’ll veg together doing our separate things, but sharing the same space, talking a little, already missing one another.


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