Saturday, March 25th to Sunday, March 26th, 2017


We spent Saturday at the Los Angeles Arboretum, which was so lush given all the rain L.A. has recently received.

It also happened to be the Arboretum’s Annual Peacock Day. The peacocks are always loose, but at this time of year, they know spring is here, and they like to strut about. Finn made a good attempt at blending in..

IMG_4361 did the girls…This photo made me think of the N.Z. property! We’ve been able to enjoy spring around the world…sort of.


The trees, the bamboo…it was all  awesome.


…and then it was time to leave..

..Clearly even the lovely scenery couldn’t keep us awake on the drive back. Finn had a giggle as Tish snapped the photo of the “old folks”…but we had just arrived from N.Z. two days ago.  And this is how we looked on into Saturday night, into Sunday we flew a “red-eye” home. Work/pleasure holiday over. Six grandchildren visited, plus their parents…now, on Sunday p.m., as we head to bed, it’s behind us…and we, missing the noise, the layers of voices, the activity, even while we are happy to be home….if only not to embarrass ourselves any longer in cars and planes!

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