Friday, March 31st, 2017


Even when it’s grey outside, flowers indoors give me a feeling of sunshine and Spring…


…in black and white or in colour…


..they put some Spring into your life!

I always seek out spring flowers at this time of year. Yes, the stores are selling them, but we need them! They help us with that transition period from snow falling  to flowers blooming. And I do love the floppiness of Tulips, the pungency of Hyacinths.

On a springy note, the crocuses are up in our front lawn, and the Witch Hazel bush I planted last summer, is blooming. Spring is arriving, the calendar doesn’t lie.  Well, they did say in Jen’s part of N.Z. that they missed summer altogether this year and went right from spring into fall weather, and we experienced that when over there.. but we don’t want to go right from winter to summer weather here!  People who experience four definite seasons a year, need all of them to feel that things are in order in the world. It’s troubling when it doesn’t happen that way. Meanwhile, as I write this, the Hyacinth is so fragrant around me that it’s as though it’s beseeching me to get off the computer and just  admire it .


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