Monday, April 10th to Wednesday, April 12th, 2017


I spent a few days catching up with three different groups that I had belonged to on the Eastern Shore…in fact, I still belong to them, sporadically, and happily.  I had to walk the shore at Lawrencetown  Beach, of course! but it was all rocks, as it happens in the winter time, so I went over to the Trans Canada Trail, across the road…


..and walked out over the water, (on a narrow trail that lets you have this experience). Love the way the trails do that. Here is evidence or the origins of these trails…from Rails to Trails. It was about 6 degrees on Tuesday when I walked there.


OnWednesday, back here in the Valley, I went for another walk, but here it was 16 degrees. When we lived on the Shore, we would hear the weather reports about great temperatures …elsewhere!  That adage “bloom where you’re planted” comes to mind. I often resisted it, as I had had, previous to living in Three Fathom Harbour, a lifetime of weather similar to the Valley.   Strangely, now I find that I miss the turbulent ocean, the moon over Lawrencetown  Beach (which I was so thrilled to see on Monday night!) and the excitement of storms out there.  You can’t have it all, and the one shore is often cold and foggy and windy, and the other hot and humid and dry with a very different shore…there is no surfing here!   I love them both, and I’m so fortunate to have friends who let me stay overnight when I visit my “other” shore.

IMG_4525 (1)

I couldn’t resist this photo. The chartreuse of the bush on the left, my favourite colour, when it displays itself in nature like this, delights me! I feel the same about the new leaves emerging on Weeping Willow trees in the spring. The colour!

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