Saturday, April 22nd, 2017


We spent the day and night in Halifax for our anniversary. Our first stop was at Drea’s…where we saw this sweet work of art.


After some exploring of stores, and shopping, we read magazines on the top floor of the awesome library on Spring Garden road.


Lastly, we went to the Neptune Theatre to see the musical “ONCE”.  Get there if you can. We loved it. Half an hour before it starts, and at intermission, you can go onto the stage and order a drink from the bar! You get to feel how the actors look out to the audience, the small space they manage to do every scene in.  The musical was fabulous. Go! Wonderful day, reflecting on our past 47 years, our family, going forward. Our usual “5 Year Plan” on our anniversary, or the review of the current plan, was so gentle. Keep working on our house, visiting our children and grandchildren, enjoying friends, doing some travel. Easy Peasy. Now to see what plans life actually has in store for us! Hopefully all good. Living with optimism. How else to live?

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