Tuesday, April 25th, 2017


Ryan and his beautiful bride Tori are expecting in July!! Their very first baby! our 9th grandchild! each one is so precious, unique, being lovingly raised. I know this new baby will be so loved, and a special “first” for parents and grandparents in Ontario. If only we could be living in all the places, at once, where our adult children, their wonderful spouses, and our fabulous grandchildren, live.  I’m not often the fawning grandmother, but once in awhile I can “let it out”…it’s a special privilege to be allowed into the circle of a young family, to share a little of that precious time with young children. Children make you “see” again…they notice things, ask questions, giggle. You can tickle them. You can hug them, you can love them.  Counting the weeks…


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