Thursday, April 27th, 2017


Frank was busy on this lovely day…


Putting together, and installing, a screen door. Just in time service, as it was a warm one today!


Enjoying the Wolfville warmth as well was the “Judy Tree”. This tree was planted by Judy’s sweet daughters, after her death, nearly 8 years ago now, in front of the lovely home where Judy had lived. The new owners, good friends of Judy’s, cared for the tree, babied it, moved it to a different location in the hope of helping it out in its suffering from the salt air and the wind. Finally, last fall, they asked if we would take the tree, care for it in our location which was more suited to its delicate constitution. We did, we have. The tree survived the winter, and is thriving, and we have a little piece of Judy, somehow, living with us. This was a win-win for all of us. It makes me smile to see this tree outside our kitchen window, or when I walk by on the road, look up and see it there. It is about Judy, and her daughters, and the past, and the present…and its growth is about the future too.

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