Saturday, May 6th, 2017


We brought Kaia home today,  away from where she’s been lovingly fostered for over 18 months.  Her companion, Sandy, eagerly jumped into the back of our car, but Kaia needed to be placed there…she knew something was up…and more so when Sandy was removed. It will take Kaia awhile to adjust to no canine companion, no sheep, no chickens, rarely a leash, and her sweet energetic foster “owners”.  Just us, and a leash, and being tied up in the backyard when we are out there. City living. The countrified Kaia will have to cope with that…and we need to adjust to walking a dog in good weather and bad, every day, many times a day. We are giving up part of our life of ease…but gaining that indescribable thing that petting a dog’s ears, as it lovingly looks up at you…gives you back.  We hope to see a happier look on Kaia’s face asap.


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