Saturday, May 13th, 2017


So…a week has passed since Kaia came to live with us. Noah is here helping his Opa to build a gate across the deck to keep Kaia in. Meanwhile, to the right, Kaia is relaxing on the lawn, looking out for cats.


Noah, Kaia and I went for a walk to the trail..


..and ran!


Once back, Kaia had a shower and Noah had a bath, as we had had an adventure during our walk, involving old railroad tracks and a stream.  Frank was glad he had stayed home, but he listened to the story.


Then the dance party before bedtime routine had to happen! Now, bedtime…

Last night Kaia slept on Noah’s bed with him, and again tonight she took herself right up to “her boy”. Noah’s parents aren’t here with him this weekend…not sure if they’d be impressed or not, but it’s so sweet. I think Kaia misses her three children who are far away in N.Z. still, but Noah is filling in for the weekend, and we’ve been doing alright by Kaia during this first week, and visa versa.

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