Sunday, May 28th, 2017


Preparing the paintings I’ve recently done, for a solo art show at the Wolfville Library, starting this Thursday, and on for the month of June. My handsome assistant Frank, did the wiring, printed the cards, documented the pieces. Really, he’s a keeper! and his name should go on the paintings too, for all his effort. Wait! it is on the paintings…I took his name. It felt very strange the first time I had a piece in a show, and had to sign it. I felt my love for art was there long before I had my married surname.  “surname”…how peculiar for out times…these times…yet not so at the time when we married. And yet, and yet…I cried hard when our sweet daughter-in-law took that “surname” when she married our son. But…signing the art work always brings me back to my father, and his love of art, and his “surname” … my “maiden name”.  What’s in a name? a lot.


I think this is my favourite piece in the show, because the crystal vase was my mother’s, in my childhood home as I grew up and for some decades after I left home, eventually dwelling in my adult home. So, this painting makes me think of my mother, and my grandmother,  who, along with my my grandfather, lived with my parents, my siblings and me in that house filled with beautiful things. This is some of the power of art. It can move us, remind us of things forgotten, make us ponder. What’s in a painting? a lot.

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