Tuesday, June 27th, 2017


I was just behind these two on a hike…creating our own path.  That sounds like something we all do all the time.

Tuesday, June 27th, 2017


This is how the trail where I walk Kaia has been looking lately. I absolutely love Lupins.


Kaia isn’t so easily impressed.


A visit to Harbourville was impressive though. It looked so much like Hall’s Harbour, where they have the world’s highest/lowest tides. This is very close in appearance. I’ll never tire of this natural wonder.


It was interesting to see the little wooden “benches” under each boat, attached by a rope to the boat, to lean them towards the pier, keep them from sitting on the bottom? Let me know.


And I spotted this cutie. The driftwood looked, to my eyes, so much like a dog!! Driftwood and clouds, you can see what you want in them. Like life…you can read or hear or encounter the same words or actions as someone else, and interpret it so very differently. It makes us each unique but also keeps us from really ever being “on the same page”…but we can get close to it.

Thursday, June 15th, 2017


Drea suggested that I can blog about flowers…so I will, even if it just interests her. As well, I have to be honest to myself, and I am passionate about flowers and trees, so why not show what I love?  Here is the view from our living room window today. Love it. We never had a blooming Rhododendron before last spring. We had a barely surviving, not blooming one on the coast. No comparison.


This is seeing it while standing on the front porch. The Japanese Maple and the white Alium bulbs were planted last year. I love how they compliment one another. Of course, the Rhodo and the Aliums will stop blooming, but that’s why spring is so special. You have to enjoy, savour the blooms, for the brief time in which they brighten the landscape.   Then you need to admire the next thing coming up. Oh, the challenge of planting things to bloom, one after the other, from early spring until late fall. I haven’t taken that one on yet.


Now in the back, I’ve created a strange garden. It starts with the beloved Judy tree, then Hostas neatly planted, then meanders past the Chestnut tree, to wild flowers, and is also interspersed with wild flower seeds, so it will change surprisingly over the seasons. Right now, I see a lot of poppy and lupin seedlings coming up. Some are already mature…look way down the garden…Yes!! our own Lupins.


Soon the wild things will take over. Love the delicate colour of the Lupin. I didn’t know at all what I’d get when I took seeds from our Spruce Court neighbours’ Lupins last fall. Surprise.


This is the last surprise, or is it? Frank working on the property… well, no surprise there. Frank is opening up the deck to create a platform for me to access the clothesline with greater ease than having to stretch out over the bamboo fencing. Frank is making steps down from the platform, with a bamboo gate at the top of the steps, and the other side fenced too. This way, if we come around from the side of the house, we can go up these stairs onto the deck , getting there faster…


..but then missing the flowers on the larger entry way.  There, Drea.  And thank you!


Wednesday, June 14th, 2017


This was sunset last Saturday in Harbourville, about 25 minutes from our home.  We were visiting with a new friend, from Ontario, who is now making his home in N.S., which he calls the Canadian Riviera. His view is wonderful.


This is a view of the sunset last night on our old Spruce Court. I was visiting friends there, also with wonderful views.     I find it difficult to get photos now that we are “citified”…well, really “villagified”…I’m just not out walking beaches or seeing the sunset or the moon over water or amazing waves.  I’m loving all the spring plants, trees, that our warm valley can grow, but I don’t want to take photos of them for the blog. Alas, the blog is grinding slowly down. As well, I have a harder time taking photos of people, friends, family…feeling that they will publish their own photo if they want to. It leaves me too “self conscious” for my own blog.  So..now it’s more, “catch me if you can…when I can”.