Wednesday, June 14th, 2017


This was sunset last Saturday in Harbourville, about 25 minutes from our home.  We were visiting with a new friend, from Ontario, who is now making his home in N.S., which he calls the Canadian Riviera. His view is wonderful.


This is a view of the sunset last night on our old Spruce Court. I was visiting friends there, also with wonderful views.     I find it difficult to get photos now that we are “citified”…well, really “villagified”…I’m just not out walking beaches or seeing the sunset or the moon over water or amazing waves.  I’m loving all the spring plants, trees, that our warm valley can grow, but I don’t want to take photos of them for the blog. Alas, the blog is grinding slowly down. As well, I have a harder time taking photos of people, friends, family…feeling that they will publish their own photo if they want to. It leaves me too “self conscious” for my own blog. it’s more, “catch me if you can…when I can”.


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