Tuesday, June 27th, 2017


This is how the trail where I walk Kaia has been looking lately. I absolutely love Lupins.


Kaia isn’t so easily impressed.


A visit to Harbourville was impressive though. It looked so much like Hall’s Harbour, where they have the world’s highest/lowest tides. This is very close in appearance. I’ll never tire of this natural wonder.


It was interesting to see the little wooden “benches” under each boat, attached by a rope to the boat, to lean them towards the pier, keep them from sitting on the bottom? Let me know.


And I spotted this cutie. The driftwood looked, to my eyes, so much like a dog!! Driftwood and clouds, you can see what you want in them. Like life…you can read or hear or encounter the same words or actions as someone else, and interpret it so very differently. It makes us each unique but also keeps us from really ever being “on the same page”…but we can get close to it.

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