Monday, July 17th, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 9.27.28 AM

Our son Ryan and his beautiful wife Tori now have a darling baby girl, born last week. It’s hard not to see the young sweetie in person yet, but Facetime  is wonderful for the interim. The family is doing so well…so happy for them…even the dog is at ease with the new addition. So delighted to have Harper join the family. We are 19 members strong now! Life is good. My goal to to have everyone gathered in one place…take the photo…see it everyday…but our kids live far and wide, and the older grandchildren are scattering too. This will be a challenge..the photo…but I can live in hope. Meanwhile, we couldn’t be happier with another healthy grandchild…that’s the joy! and the couple becoming new parents, doting parents…such a sweet time!

Tuesday, July 11th, 2017


Sylvia took Lis, Frank and I on a tour of the South Shore of the island. Sooo beautiful.


Just one of the many beaches! See Frank exploring, to the right.


We also,explored caves..


..finding exciting exits..if you dared.



Later we went to a fabulous place where Judy and Geoff were staying. There I got to feed a huge sea turtle,


..and swam with the fish again. A very full last full day on the island!


Monday, July 10th, 2017


IMG_0658Visit by ferry to,the Dock yards. Saw some cruise ships…what a great place to disembark.


IMG_4934Loved how this young girl was keeping cool.


Then another ferry over to St.  George, where we toured the town, resting often for heat relief. Both Tessa and Frank were taking this photo. Love how you see Tessa’s hand and phone image overlapping the posed photo.


Meanwhile Frank and Ian were getting into trouble from the “sock police”!


At Sylvia and Richard’s later…watching the sunset while waving at me…fun.


..and from this side…End of another great day.



Sunday, July 9th, 2017


Snorkelling at a beach with the siblings..



I’m wearing Frank’s t- shirt to keep the sun off my back. The sun is so wonderful but so powerfull…you feel the burn and the heat fatigue so soon. Being in the water is the cure…otherwise it’s being indoors in air conditioning. I prefer the former.


Sibs dinner out…


..and lovely walk home.



Saturday, July 8th


Relaxing before the wedding…


Swimming off our property..


Waiting for the bus to go to the wedding…


Cousins waiting for…


..this. Our nephew and new niece! Lovely.


A fantastic boat cruise for the reception… a drone took this shot.

this was a fabulous day and evening….the sweet wedding, then the sun set and full moon rise on board, with dancing too!





Saturday, July 8th, 2017


Yesterday in Bermuda, overcast but you can’t beat the colours..on the houses, on the vegetation, on the birds…


Walking from our great house stay, to Hamilton. There are Frank and Karin, some umbrellas, much colour.


Because of the weather, it was a perfect time to check out a Marine museum. Amazing shells from all over the world.


Looking out at the rain, but nothing can ruin the scenery. We ended the day at a pre- wedding dinner. Lots of fun.  Today is the big day. More later.