Friday, December 1st, 2017


On Friday I turned 70! and all I had wanted for my birthday was to have all our family with us. That would have been 19!  from 4 children we’ve multiplied to 19.  So…clever, amazing children …this happened. Our son Ryan and his sweet family had arrived, and Drea and her family joined us for dinner. When the cake was presented, Drea followed with the computer, and on a joint screen, there was the California and the New Zealand family.   And there were tears!!!


I was instructed to open a certain gift in view of the computer..


This was cause for many more tears. Seventy things that the children, their fabulous partners/spouses, and their children, love about me!  The best birthday. I couldn’t sleep at night thinking about those 70 things. Feeling very young at heart at 70!

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