Tuesday, December 12th, 2017


IMG_0437 (1)

On the weekend my lovely Scrabble group and Robbie Burns celebrants, gathered to toast my birthday. I’m really stretching this birthday out, but that’s because it’s  something to be celebrated…living all these years in peace, in Canada!  living in happiness and health and being loved…who wouldn’t celebrate that!


The setting at Dee’s was fabulous. Friends around the table…friends, the wine of life. And I’ll keep this man too! He must be the liqueur of life.


The fresh flower was one of many on the Birthday cake, so icing tipped and all, it went into my hair. Sometimes a photo just moves me, and this one does. It tells a big story to me. The earrings were from Unionville, Ontario, where we lived just over 14 years ago, and moved from to Nova Scotia.  The face is the result of those 14 extra years here…and as always I am so glad we made the move. We don’t need to look around now, at 70 (me) to wonder where we’ll retire to. We did it already. Our family loves visiting us here or even moving here…(more about that as it unfolds.) Life is good…not to gloat, but to recognize that when good fortune is with us.

One response to “Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

  1. Annet de jong

    What a beautiful story! Enjoy these days and Christmas with your family.
    In our restaurant we had for years a Burns dinner from a group of people. Including haggish and scottish music! Liefs. Annet


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