Monday, February 5th, 2018


This Cyclamen was a wee thing when it was given to me for my birthday many moons ago when we lived on the shore. When we moved, it came with us to the rental, and bloomed there during the winter months, but stopped when we moved…until now! It took over 2 years to “settle in” and “bloom where you’re planted”… We too are settled in now and blooming as well. It’s always a loss to leave old haunts, old friends…but the friends can remain friends, not seen as often, but still part of the fabric of your quilted life, where still a new patch is being added on.


Frank did a “photo bomb” while I was trying to knit and do the “sudoko” at the same time. I love how blooming plants make the house so “warm” even in the winter.


And what’s this? We need an “egress window” in our basement, as we upgrade the existing space (as in complete redo…) for future visitors.