April 15th, 2018


Frank has been working feverishly to get some semblance of an apartment for Jen and family’s return on Saturday from New Zealand. Here he is kneeling against the wall between the soon to be bedroom and the soon to be kitchen, with the bathroom behind that. That was last week.


Today Frank has rented a dry wall lifter and has so far done the bedroom ceiling and is now on the kitchen ceiling. See the lighting for over the future sink? And the pot lights?  Frank has done everything…the electrical and plumbing and exhausting work, the plywood, the walls, after first removing what did exist. More to follow as we get closer to Saturday. We’re pretty psyched about the return of the family! They even have a house of their own ready to move into in a few weeks after they arrive. Exciting times.


2 responses to “April 15th, 2018

  1. Judith

    Happy Birthday, Frank!


  2. Shirley McIntyre

    Bet you’re so happy they are returning. I’m surprised considering the distance.

    Good to see gyproc lifter. Reminds me of when I was building my Valley house: young man renting basement and I lifted ceiling pieces up . One time it just wouldn’t work until after I ate lunch.


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