Sunday, April 22nd, 2018


The N.Z.landers arrived…5 a.m. . After sleeping in the daytime, Forest awoke…shivery…


Then Asa awoke, too shivery to feed himself!


Astrid was “chilled”…and Kaia clearly delighted to have her “peeps” back with her.


These three arrived on Sunday…with balloons saying “Welcome Home” and “Happy Anniversary”…today was our 48th anniversary. Lovely way to celebrate. Noah was a little shy at arriving here and finding 3 cousins and an aunt and uncle…none of whom he’d seen for over half his life!


It was warm enough to eat outside, and celebrate both events. You can’t see Asa nor Astrid..


..but here they are, wearing my old sunglasses…a great day. On Monday it all gets “real” again. Frank will have Will helping with the  basement, Jen will be planning for their new house move in a few weeks, I’ll be busy….but today was about being together.

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