Sunday, April 22nd, 2018


The N.Z.landers arrived…5 a.m. . After sleeping in the daytime, Forest awoke…shivery…


Then Asa awoke, too shivery to feed himself!


Astrid was “chilled”…and Kaia clearly delighted to have her “peeps” back with her.


These three arrived on Sunday…with balloons saying “Welcome Home” and “Happy Anniversary”…today was our 48th anniversary. Lovely way to celebrate. Noah was a little shy at arriving here and finding 3 cousins and an aunt and uncle…none of whom he’d seen for over half his life!


It was warm enough to eat outside, and celebrate both events. You can’t see Asa nor Astrid..


..but here they are, wearing my old sunglasses…a great day. On Monday it all gets “real” again. Frank will have Will helping with the  basement, Jen will be planning for their new house move in a few weeks, I’ll be busy….but today was about being together.

Friday, April 20th, 2018


Well, the N.Z. crew arrives after midnight…and the basement isn’t ready! here is plan B. Five sleeping spots in my studio, and three surfaces tidied for five suitcases.  From this photo you see part of bed 1, then on to bed 2, then 3 and 4 are beside each other, and 5 is the top of the couch. Each spot has its own little reading lamp. By 4 a.m. or so when they arrive, this should still feel good.


Looking towards bed number 1…  So, the question is, should I start a camp? Sleepovers in my studio? A retreat?



Meanwhile Frank is still working in the basement…maybe till he leaves for the airport.


You see drywall, pot lights…


Frank is installing a bathroom sink. Now perhaps he’ll have a helper! So close…but it’s all good, as they say, and as I like to say.

April 15th, 2018


Frank has been working feverishly to get some semblance of an apartment for Jen and family’s return on Saturday from New Zealand. Here he is kneeling against the wall between the soon to be bedroom and the soon to be kitchen, with the bathroom behind that. That was last week.


Today Frank has rented a dry wall lifter and has so far done the bedroom ceiling and is now on the kitchen ceiling. See the lighting for over the future sink? And the pot lights?  Frank has done everything…the electrical and plumbing and exhausting work, the plywood, the walls, after first removing what did exist. More to follow as we get closer to Saturday. We’re pretty psyched about the return of the family! They even have a house of their own ready to move into in a few weeks after they arrive. Exciting times.


Monday, February 5th, 2018


This Cyclamen was a wee thing when it was given to me for my birthday many moons ago when we lived on the shore. When we moved, it came with us to the rental, and bloomed there during the winter months, but stopped when we moved…until now! It took over 2 years to “settle in” and “bloom where you’re planted”… We too are settled in now and blooming as well. It’s always a loss to leave old haunts, old friends…but the friends can remain friends, not seen as often, but still part of the fabric of your quilted life, where still a new patch is being added on.


Frank did a “photo bomb” while I was trying to knit and do the “sudoko” at the same time. I love how blooming plants make the house so “warm” even in the winter.


And what’s this? We need an “egress window” in our basement, as we upgrade the existing space (as in complete redo…) for future visitors.

Thursday, January 25th, 2018



A walk on a warm day, near Grand Pre.


Still walking…


Then knitting. On the left is my latest scarf, from scraps of yarn,  and a few skeins of future efforts… Purl the Gaspereau Fibres cat sits serenely near by.


Sunday, January 14th, 2018


Another year, another three paintings in the Acadia University Art Gallery Community Show….such fun for so many. Here’s one I’ve titled “Smile for the Camera”.


This year Maud was in the show as well! we both had shown as well at the Wolfville Library in the summer. Such a delight to have Maud in our lives here, and a testament to “age doesn’t matter” when it comes to love and friendship.

Tuesday, December 12th, 2017


IMG_0437 (1)

On the weekend my lovely Scrabble group and Robbie Burns celebrants, gathered to toast my birthday. I’m really stretching this birthday out, but that’s because it’s  something to be celebrated…living all these years in peace, in Canada!  living in happiness and health and being loved…who wouldn’t celebrate that!


The setting at Dee’s was fabulous. Friends around the table…friends, the wine of life. And I’ll keep this man too! He must be the liqueur of life.


The fresh flower was one of many on the Birthday cake, so icing tipped and all, it went into my hair. Sometimes a photo just moves me, and this one does. It tells a big story to me. The earrings were from Unionville, Ontario, where we lived just over 14 years ago, and moved from to Nova Scotia.  The face is the result of those 14 extra years here…and as always I am so glad we made the move. We don’t need to look around now, at 70 (me) to wonder where we’ll retire to. We did it already. Our family loves visiting us here or even moving here…(more about that as it unfolds.) Life is good…not to gloat, but to recognize that when good fortune is with us.

Thursday, December 7th, 2017


Version 3I am still enjoying all my beautiful flower arrangements! A long while ago, I worked as a florist, so I really admire beautiful bouquets, and simple single roses, or the always lovely tulips. Basically I love all flowers, so these make me smile!


…and this huge arrangement from Drea and family! it looks amazing. The largest bouquet I have ever received. So let it rain or snow, I’m inside enjoying my flowers, sipping my coffee, rereading the 70 reasons why I’m loved. I’m milking this birthday for longer than any other, but that’s the privilege of age.


Wednesday, December 6th, 2017


I forgot to add that there was dancing, and today would have been my father’s birthday…each year there was my birthday, then my grandfather’s (my grandparents lived with us), then my dad’s – all within days. Any party my parents had called for dancing! so I know my dad would love to see this photo today. Keeping up the traditions. My parents rolled up the big living room carpet, had the stereo on, the records skipping, and as the evening went on, and the vodka came out, the Polish and Russian music worked their way into the quieting scene.

Tuesday, December 5th, 2017


It was lovely to have a party this past Saturday for my entry into my eighth decade!!  It took many hands to do the preparations, and certainly Tori and Drea were hard working, as were friends behind the scenes, but I particularly loved this photo of the guys, with Noah making a definite statement by his “walk about” right out of the kitchen!


IMG_0300Noah did dress up though…he was all about the party, doing some Break Dancing moves!


Harper showed off her first tutu! and her parents showed her off, and I’m showing off all three.


I’m also showing off Drea and Jockel! as they deserve! All the kids worked so hard to create a great weekend, including those in L.A. and N.Z.  I’m still feeling the glow from these past few days.